Blogmas 2021: Day 7 – The Resolution on New Year’s Resolutions

So, when I started this Blogmas, I had no intention of setting a New Year’s resolution. It has always felt like an idiotic display of ignorance with everyone knowing that they will fall out of new routines and back into old habits before long. I have seen how the gyms are fully packed on the…


sometimes it takes yearsfor things to become clearthrough every tearcasting your own true fear one day you wakeas if shaken by an earthquakeyour eyes open to the daybreakyou realize what it is going to take eyes adjusted to the sunno more holding onto onelight as a featheryou can see much clearer by The Magnetic Compass

A year of transformation – 2020 Quick recap

2020 Has been one heck of a year. It has been relentlessly life-changing to every person, but with the right attitude we can grow strong through the lessons learnt from it thus far. With only 4 months of the year left, what will you make of it?