Find out more about the creative mind behind The Magnetic Compass

Mission and Vision Casting

The vision for The Magnetic Compass is to provide a platform where you can grow spiritually, mentally and physically. The goal is to be a top Christian woman lifestyle blog, focusing on devotional content, personal growth, recipes and traveling. The dream I have for this blog is that it will also serve as a platform for The Magnetic Compass: Story in time.

The aim is that The Magnetic Compass will provide you with various lifestyle orientated posts, whether it is to satisfy your hunger for soul food or physical food. The website has been conveniently structured in a way to channel into your specific needs for the day.

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The Magnetic Compass strives to be an innovative and diverse platform for our readers. Soon we will be uploading tried and tested recipes, each with our own twist. See the weekly poll below to vote for the recipe you would like to see.


It is important for the writers at The Magnetic Compass that the readers have the opportunity to grow spiritually as well when they spend time on our website. Through the devotions, the reader is provided with a little bit of encouragement through God.

Personal Growth

In a great big world, it is very easy to loose yourself in the voices of other people’s lives. Here at the Magnetic Compass, we journey together to find out who we truly are and how our ideal lives looks within our own minds.