For the love of coffee

In my posts on this blog, one of constant things that I hope to shine through is my absolute love for coffee. Strong, mostly black, coffee. Personally I indulge in Organo Gold’s Premium coffees. A coffee brand with a broad range of coffees and teas to satisfy any coffee lover’s desires. My personal favourites are the Organo Mocha, the Black and the Supreme.

Personal testimony for these coffees:

I have always struggled with anxiety, underlying stress, insomnia, having enough energy to get through a normal work day, as well as having the focus to concentrate during a full work day (loosely speaking, I am scatterbrained). December 2020 I visited my parents and my mom introduced me to Organo Gold’s Premium coffees. I will never look back. I started with the Premium Café Mocha. As a black coffee drinker (I am either the most boring person to take on a coffee date or the cheapest coffee date a guy can wish for), I found myself loving the Café Mocha. It is such a perfect blend of coffee and cocoa, that you don’t really mind the powdered milk in the blend. It is aromatic, smooth and silky (This can be said for all of their coffees). What I found is that after a week is that my insomnia had disappeared, I can now simply put my head to the pillow and fall asleep almost immediately. As an paradox to this, I have bountiful energy during the day to keep me sustained and focused (I personally found that even meditation has been easier). My underlying anxiety and stress levels were much lower, probably also contributing to my sleep patterns. I haven’t felt this generally at peace in years (since starting to work and became an active member of society, that is).

Additional to the mental aids the coffee presented to me personally, I can also vouch for it’s weight management properties. We all know how much we love eating in the festive season. I myself gained approximately 6 kilograms (13 pounds) (she types with a embraced smile on her face). However, once I started drinking the coffee, the weight gain stopped.

Initially, I didn’t necessarily loose any weight, but I didn’t gain any extra pounds either (even though I was following the same eating patterns). All the while I was only drinking the Café Mocha. I truly believe that drinking the Organo Black, Supreme or the King, you can loose weight in no time.

What makes this coffee so special?

This coffee is special due the incorporation of the spores of a little mushroom called Ganoderma Lucidum. These mushrooms have a rich history for being used for health and medical purposes Japan, China and other Asian countries. The coffee beans are the finest Arabica beans and the products are manufactured in Malaysia. So if you answer yes to any of the questions below, I would recommend hopping over to the website and testing it for yourself.

Questions to see if these coffees will be a good fit for you

  • Do you want to loose weight fast?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety, stress or depression?
  • Do you have bad blood circulation?
  • Do you have a slow metabolism?
  • Do you require better brain function?
  • Do you want increased stamina?
  • Do you need more energy for your daily lifestyle and routines?
  • Do you need a delicious alternative to use during detoxing?
  • Do you want a delicious immune booster?

I see you need a little bit more convincing. So as my concluding remarks to my sales pitch, consider this. Let’s use one of my favourites one, the Gourmet Black coffee as an example, shall we?

You spend at least $2 to get our favourite coffee from our the store on the corner. Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, you get 30 mugs of coffee in a month, you would be spending $60 a month on coffee. That is excluding commute time and expenses.

A box of the Gourmet Black Coffee costs $30 (without shipping) and there are 30 sachets in a box. Meaning that each sachet of coffee (which can be split into 2 depending on how big your mugs are), costs you $1. Furthermore, you cut travel expenses. It is a win all around.

Still not sure if these coffees will be a good fit for you? Perhaps hop over to the website and see what the manufacturers say about the coffee.