Welcome to the devotions section of the Magnetic Compass. Here you can read past devotions in either chronological order, subject specific (faith, love, strength etc.) or length specific (short, medium and long reads).

My prayer for you is that regardless of your spiritual need today, that the Holy Spirit will guide you to the post that your soul needs. I pray that your heart will find enlightenment in what you read. The lord has such n amazing future planned for you. My prayer is that you will hold fast onto His purpose for your life.

Daily devotions

Here you can read the devotional content of the day. The devotional posts are posted at 6 ‘o clock (CAT) every morning. These Spirit guided devotions are aimed at providing you with spiritual food to start your day off the right way.


The concept of love has a tendency of alluding us. God has proved His love for us in the most spectacular manner imaginable. Sometimes we need to be reminded of this love, how to show it and how to feel it.


Faith without action is dead. This category of posts deals with faith. How do you prove to God that you have faith in Him? How do you find your faith when you feel like you have lost it?


For those days when you are feeling defeated, remember your strength lies in God. The Bible says, lean not on your own understanding. Cultivate a hope in God where you start relying not on you own strength, but in His.