Here at The Magnetic Compass, the aim is to have an all encompassing website, where readers can nourish not only their souls, the minds, but their bodies as well. The aim of this section of the website is to provide the reader with wholesome, tested (sometimes botched) recipes for any type of day, any time of the day and any course. The recipes to be included will be selected based on audience votes (the weekly poll is found on the home page – click here to cast your vote for next week’s recipe). Soon I hope to have any type of recipe you can think of uploaded on here. Subscribe to The Magnetic Compass to have new recipes come your way as soon as they are uploaded.

Light Meals

Sandwiches are great for some, a quinoa salad bowl might be great for others, but for those of us who are looking for something interesting and exciting to eat as a light meal or a light lunch, look no further. Easy to execute, light meals are coming your way soon.

Hearty Dinners

What are the foods that reminds you of home? What are the dinners that brings a sense of nostalgia and warmth to your heart? What are the foods that fuels your zest for life? Look no further, because not even mac and cheese can be boring here.


Whether you are in search of a new cake delectable cake recipe, would like to teach yourself the perfect way to make a pavlova or if you want to treat your family to home made panna cotta. This page will be for you.

Side Dishes

Breads! Salads! Pastries! Fresh! Baked! Or somewhere in between! Join me in getting creative with the works and let’s get creative.