Blogmas 2021: Day 7 – The Resolution on New Year’s Resolutions

So, when I started this Blogmas, I had no intention of setting a New Year’s resolution. It has always felt like an idiotic display of ignorance with everyone knowing that they will fall out of new routines and back into old habits before long. I have seen how the gyms are fully packed on the 2nd of January and empty again by the 9th. However, with all that being said. As I sit here today, there is something I want to resolve this coming year…

This coming year, I am letting go of everything and everyone that does not serve towards my goals and happiness and I am treating everyone else to the level that I am treated by them. I am so tired of holding out hope for people and things, just to be disappointed every time, a little way down the road. This is all because I have a hard time letting go and accepting things as they are.

This coming year, I am putting my mental health and stability first. Regardless of what it means for other people. It sounds very conceded, I realize that. However, I have been so focused on appeasing others for the last 10 years of my life, I have completely neglected my own personal wellbeing. Therefore, not allow myself to explore possibilities outside of the realms of the confinements of current opportunities and existing relationships (and mild one-sided infatuations).

This coming year, I resolve to set myself free from the what-ifs and the maybe’s of the world. I am choosing my own paths and wiping away the paths that do not serve me.

What is your stance on New Year’s resolutions? Have you made any yet? Are you going to? There are only a few days left of the old year, best get your resolutions made.

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  1. Good on you. 🦋💙🦋


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