To make a difference

Ecclesiastes 9:6 says “Whatever they did in their lifetime – loving, hating, envying – is all long gone. They no longer play a part in anything here on earth.”

Let us consider a scenario: This morning you were in a rush to get out of the house, your shoe broke on the way to the car, gosh, you even stepped in doggie doo doo on your way out while trotting to the over walkway. You had to jump start your car and the gas light went on as you made way out of the driveway. Let us thicken the plot a little, shall we? You stop at the traffic light on your way to work and a beggar approaches your car. This is a person who lives on the street, either by his own doing or as a result of a bad hand that was passed to him. This person approaches your car with friendliness and a warm smile, regardless of the remnant frown on your face. How would you respond to this?


There are many ways this can go about, but let us consider the first three options that comes to mind first: 1) Ignore him. Make absolutely no eye contact (he will walk away, right?). You think to yourself that you do not need him to guilt-trip you above everything else; 2) You can nod politely with a faint smile on your face, making it known that you have no interest in returning his friendliness ; or 3) You can return the friendliness, smile and perhaps help him out and allow your actions, even though you had a rough start to the day, to make a change to his world. Similar to you, this guy had one of two choices when he woke up this morning knowing that he had to go and stand and beg. He could either be the light, or steal the light.


You see. Your attitude towards your circumstances and those around you regardless of your circumstances, that is what changes lives. No matter what side of the board you are on. That is what changes this world. You and the beggar are not that different. It is how you respond to the obstacles and the circumstances you are in that makes the difference. The world is not always changed by large sums of money. Sometimes what you need to leave something as simple as a smile or a prayer.


Upon death, any possibility of change you as a living person can make in this world is gone and everything else is left as a memory. The influence of the memory of you is determined by the change you make while you are alive.

You have to do what you can to make a difference in this world while you can. When you go out today, consider the things that you are doing. Consider how these things are impacting the world around you. Consider how you are going about being the change. You have the opportunity today, to go and make a positive change in someone’s life. Will you take it?

PS: I did not forget about the audios of the last couple of posts, the converter that I was using has crashed and I am now text-to-speech programme searching.

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