Softness through wisdom

Ecclesiastes 8:1 reads “How wonderful to be wise, to analyze and interpret things. Wisdom lights up a person’s face, softening its hardness.”

Imagine yourself struggling with something: Tongue awkwardly sticking out, a deep frown engraved on your face, nervously tapping your feet on the floor, your clickable pen causing a clatter. Reading or listening to the same thing repeatedly. Struggling to find the solution to the problem in front of you. Waiting patiently as the whole system either crashes repeatedly or no sense can be made of the things in front of you. Now imagine your face that moment when the problem is solved and everything seems clearer. Imagine your whole face softening up and the expression of enlightenment spreading across it.


We experience this same type of enlightenment when we start understanding our Bibles. It is not the easiest book in the world to understand, but once you understand the message God wants to send through the scripture, you enlightened in regards to fully applying His wisdom in your own life. It is important to remember, that the principles from the Bible, must be applied in your life even when you do not understand the reasoning behind it. In time God will give you the wisdom and the insight to understand His message behind the scriptures. Until then, you should apply His word faithfully in your life. Once you understand the purpose behind this, you will be wearing the face of enlightenment.


Through wisdom, we can approach new situations with a different perspective. Once you understand the consequences of your actions in certain situations, you can approach them with enlightenment. Learn from hardships, grow wise through them, analyse them and become enlightened by that what you have learned. Show your softness through baring wisdom and in turn enlightenment.

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