Created to be virtuous

Ecclesiastes 7:29 reads “But I did find this: God created people to be virtuous, but they have each turned to follow their own downwards path.”

The Teacher says that we were created to have high morals and values. You were created to have a vision that is pure and truthful to who God has created you to be. To be virtuous is to show excellent morals.

Circumstances in our lives drive us towards changed personalities. We compromise the values and guidelines we have set out for ourselves for the sake of fitting a mold or reacting in the moment. We are often pushed to think and to react in ways that make us feel ashamed when we reflect back on the events that lead up to the reaction. We are unconsciously conditioned by the world to respond in ways that are not always in line to our own nature. This can be through murmuring, not talking directly to the source of the discomfort or and outburst of pure frustration. Remember this, when you cannot control the situation, you can control how you react to it. Here is the question, are you going to respond virtuously or are you going to respond in a typical worldly manner?


What does it look like to respond virtuously? The virtues of Christians are viewed as natural virtues or theological virtues. To approach life with the four natural virtues, you go about your life with good judgement with knowledge of how your reaction to situations will affect you and those around you. You have self-discipline and use this discipline to practice good judgement. You are strong enough to stand up for that what you believe in and you rise with courage when your morals and believes are challenged. You react to situations fairly and justly.

The three theological virtues are known to be love, faith and hope. The act through these virtues, you act with these three virtues in mind at all times whilst using the guidance of the natural virtues as guidelines.


Our actions and reactions should always reflect the virtues the Lord has placed in our hearts. In everything you do today, take a minute to contemplate the following: Is this what I am doing now an honest reflection of that what I am supposed to be doing? Has my responses to people’s actions been fair, just and done with love? Have I been going about this day with a hope provided by God?

You have the opportunity today (and every other day) to lead a virtuous life. The life God intended you to have when He created you. Will you take the opportunity of a new day to be virtuous everyday?

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