Not to start, but to finish

Ecclesiastes 7:8 reads “Finishing is better than starting. Patience is better than pride.”

Think back on your life. How many times have you started something and given up half-way through? How many times have you given up even before you got away from the starting line? How many times have you allowed yourself to react with pride rather than patience, leading to things not being done correctly or within a desired timeline? When your pride consumed you instead of going about your tasks patiently, minimizing the impact on the task at hand as well as prospects?


He has placed you on this earth to spread the Gospel of Jesus so that others who live in the world will come to recognize God and start living in Him. At the end of your life on earth, you will stand before God, with the Holy Spirit as your advocate, to take responsibility for your works on earth. All of them. What will your works prove? Dozens upon dozens of unfinished projects and dreams? Or will it show a life fulfilled by the works of God, leading others to Him through the work you have been placed on this earth to do. You do not have to be a preacher to form part of His plan, you merely have to do the things that you have been purposed to do. Allow your personal values, passions, vision and mission in life to speak for your believes.


Christians are not recognized by the words from their mouths. They are recognized through the implementation of their believes and their values. We should not boast over a venture started. Yes, celebrate the new effects in your life, as they bring you great excitement, but work in love to finish the tasks the Lord has put in front of you, regardless of how long they will take to complete. These tasks may be long-during and will require a lot of hard work, but there is a payoff in knowing the hard work and dedication required to complete difficult tasks.

All that you do, should be for God. If you start something new, seek God’s promise therein. Work endlessly to finish the things you start. Work in love and in patience. Draw strength from the peace God provides to complete all the tasks in front of you.

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