Be delighted in the current

Ecclesiastes 6:9 reads “Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have. Just dreaming about nice things is meaningless – Like chasing the wind.”

What do you want? What have you been craving? What have you been pleading with the Lord for?

This little verse places us in a bit of a predicament, does it not? The first part read in consolidation, says to not complain, but to be happy with what the Lord has given them you. However, part two of this verse implies if you do nothing about the things you want, you do not genuinely want them. Desiring things and not working towards them is meaningless, as you are not actioning your faith.


Have you made active changes toward achieving your dreams? Or have they merely been daydreams? Have you spent hours making the sums and lists in your head without leading into action? How much of your life have you missed whilst doing this?

It is important to know through you actioning your faith, you must learn to enjoy and appreciate the things and the place you are in right now.

If you are a single person, enjoy the peace in your home, enjoy having time to do the things that you want to do and enjoy the freedom of not having to atone for your actions (so if you want to sleep in until 10 am over the weekend, all the power to you). If you are in a relationship, enjoy learning to know each other, enjoy exploring life and enjoy building a life together. If you have children, enjoy the things that come with parenthood, enjoy growing up with your kids, enjoy making memories and bask in the joy they provide you.


Cherish the prospect of having a work. Embrace every opportunity presented to you for it is an opportunity of growth. Though it may not be the job you want in this moment, it is exactly this job that is affording you to go about life, enjoying the things you want to do. Remember, you are never to old to change career paths, but the change only comes when you actively decide to do it, when you pray about it and when you action the things you dream about.

Enjoy the life you have now. Know the dreams and the desires you have for your future. Praying about them continuously. Turn your desires into dreams and then turn your dreams into action. Learn to enjoy your life in every season of life. Through this you will find joy in the present and a hope for the future. Go out and embrace a meaningful life.

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