Empty promises

Ecclesiastes 5:4 reads “When you make a promise to God, do not delay in following through, for God takes no pleasure in fools. Keep all the promises you make to Him.”

When last have you made a promise? When last have you made a promise you could not keep? When last have you felt the repercussions of the broken promise? When last has someone made a promise to you that was broken? How did it feel when an expectation was set and the outcome was not delivered ? When last have you made your to-do list and at the end of the day or at the end of the week, you failed in doing everything on the list? How did that feel? How many times does it take for someone to break a promise to you before you lose confidence in their promises?

The hurt felt through someone breaking a promise, that is the same type of hurt God feels when you make a promise to Him. That same agony of an empty promise, He feels as well. Don’t allow your words to become hollow. Do not allow your promises towards God become meaningless and empty.


When you have too many things on your plate, you tend to not get everything on the list done. Often we are over optimistic over our own capabilities. We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength, but this does not mean that we need to squeeze everything into a time span of 24 hours. When I ask when last have you made a promise to God? What is the last big promise tat comes to mind? What if you started thinking about your to-do lists as promises to God? When you think about it, a do a to-do list is a commitment (a promise) of hard work to yourself and in turn to God (for all you do is to fulfill His purpose through you). Meditate carefully over the things you set out to do and the things you proclaim, as God is your witness and every fallen item on your to-do list which is in line with your purpose, is a promise broken towards God.

Let us consider premeditated promises made to God, those “God I promise You…” phrases. When last have you made one of those promises? Personally, I could not remember the last time I have uttered those words. However, upon writing this post, it has led me towards a few of such promises. Promises where ‘I dream’ becomes ‘Lord, I will work to fulfill this purpose.’ When you make such promises to God, do not hesitate to put immediate action to your promises. See it as a bonding opportunity between yourself and God, with the outcome of closeness harvested during the journey to completion. We must strive to fulfill the promises we make towards Him, as He fulfills the promises made to us.


Ecclesiastes 5:3 reads “Too many activity gives you restless dreams, too many words makes you a fool.”

Let your dreams and words have meaning, actioning them through faith that God will bestow His favour upon you. Find pleasure in pursuing the promises you make to Him. Seeing the promises through will give Him great pleasure and you will find pleasure in the knowledge that your work pleases the Lord.


Seek God’s will before you make these promises to Him, as pursuing promises that are not in line with His will for your life, though fulfilled, would not necessarily mean pleasure to you, nor God. You might find yourself as the Teacher in Ecclesiastes did, coming to the other side whilst not finding pleasure in the outcome.

Seek His guidance. Once you know the commands you have received are from Him, pursue them relentlessly. Fulfill them. Complete them and find bring joy to God through unbroken promises.

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