What will your legacy be?

The word legacy is defined by something left or handed down to a predecessor. Have you ever thought about this? What are you leaving behind for your sons and daughters? What are you leaving behind for the people following in your footsteps at work? Are you striving to achieve excellence and have you help build a reputation within you area of expertise to inspire others to work at attaining that same level of excellence or even more? This is something that has been working on me on a personal level and have been weighing on my mind a lot.

Since spending a lot of time reading Ecclesiastes and spending intensive time studying this book of the Bible, this question of ‘Why am I doing all of this?’ has been weighing on me a lot. In this book of the Bible, the Teacher refers to the things of the earth as meaningless pursuits – ‘like chasing the wind’. He says this continuously throughout the book and this led me to believe that it is inherently easy to squander your life away on things that holds no meaning to the world or to God’s purpose at the end of your life.


We, as humans, seek worldly pleasures, instead of seeking the things that are there to pleasure Go. We go through life alone, working on our own dreams and goals and forget those things planted in our hearts by God. So today, I want to ask you, what is the legacy you want to leave behind?


I want my legacy to be a platform where the greatness of God and the blessing rooted in hard work showcased. Allowing others to see that having a Christian based lifestyle is possible in a world where ungodly natures are the norm. I want people to be able to see that with God on your side, when you accept Him in your corner, no person, spirit or disability can prevent you from living a purpose driven life. I want my legacy to serve as an inspiration for others to live in their passions and purpose through God and that they too may thrive in the outcome thereof. I want my legacy to be a company, rich in knowledge, working at the front end of development in the field that I carry so much passion for, always teaching, always learning, always evolving to suite the needs of those around us.


At the end of my life, I want the legacy to be that I worked hard, everyday of my life, doing the things that provides the Lord God with pleasure. I want my legacy to be that ‘She found pleasure in doing the things that pleases the Lord

What do you want your legacy to be? What will you leave in this world once you have completed the things the Lord wants you to do on earth?

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