Nothing New – The start of a journey through Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes 1:10 and 11 reads “Sometimes people say ‘Here is something new!’ But actually, it is old; Nothing is ever truly new. We do not remember what happened in the past and in future generations, no one will remember what we are doing now.”

Let us consider history, shall we? How many times when listening to documentaries on historical events have you heard the phrase “It is said that…” I am not only referring to those compiled for the Mayans, the Romans or the Grecians, but also those as recent as the Tutors (We all know about King Henry VIII?). Everyone knows of the big things these people did (Have you heard of the Colosseum? Or have you heard of eves droppers?), but “It is said” that we do not know many things of these times, as that what we know today is what the history books allows us to know.

In the current day and age, we merely expand on the things that were passed down through these history books and we try to either improve on them or strive to never revert back to what once was. No one wants or needs King Henry VIII’s reign of terror to repeat itself.


To look back at these two verses referred to above through a more spiritual light. Through the works of this website/blog, the aim is not to reinvent the wheel. What you have read thus far and what you will continue to read through the devotions published on the Magnetic Compass, you have probably read about a thousand times elsewhere. I will however, share with you the words God has placed on my heart regarding specific scriptures. These readings are meant to reach one person. If you, reading this, is that one person, the purpose of the post is fulfilled. I will be sharing with you a rendition of an interpretation of the scriptures in the Bible.


My hope is that when your read these daily devotions that you will not necessarily learn something new through them, but that you will find a fresh perspective on the things that you already know to be true. My hope is that every time you read these devotions, you will seek God’s voice in them and not mine. So, join me if you will. Join me on this Godly journey. Where we seek God and walk with Him, hearing His voice instead of our own and allow ourselves to have our minds and hearts renewed through His spirit. May you experience God’s love in abundance today.

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