9 goals you have to complete by the end of 2020 – Taking care of the monkeys

I think, to be able to determine what your nine goals would be, you probably need to know in what direction your life is going into… As for myself, in this very moment, I am moving up to Johannesburg in a couple of weeks. Here I will hopefully be moving into the direction of my eventual goals of getting married, starting a family, becoming financially completely self-sufficient, getting the big house. As for the goals and dreams for my immediate future?

This year has 9 full months left (Who really counts the last two weeks of the year?). That means that nine 30-day challenges can be held in order to achieve big goals before the end of the year. I recently read an article about tackling your monkeys. We all have those things in our lives that seems like they are:

  • Are either in total discord, or
  • They are things we strive for to do one day, or
  • The things that we procrastinate and postpone.

What about using a good old 30-day challenge to tame the monkeys?

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Through the course of this year, I hope to provide feedback regarding each of my personal 30-day challenges, whether they are conquered or whether they failed miserably. Here are my personal nine 30-day taming the monkeys challenges for the remainder of 2020:


Monkey #1 – Have a successful move

As per my Moving day part one blog post, and earlier in this post, I have a big move around the corner. A cross-country move, that even I forget about sometime. Even with my big talks about being a veteran mover, I am terrified that this move is going to catch-up on me very quickly. I need to start with rapid preparations, both on this side of the country and on the other. Things are in motion on that side, but it is definitely not happening quick enough. I need to start prioritizing the elements surrounding the move and the steps involved during the first couple of days in Johannesburg.

Monkey #2 – Develop Social Media strategies that will boost the blog’s footprint

I have always said, the focus of this blog will be to first and foremost spread the Gospel. How would we spread the Gospel? By reaching an audience beyond that of your personal capacities. Luckily, in the day and age that we live in, this mission has become easier as the influence of social media on every sector has increased tremendously in recent years. In these 30 days, I hope to develop a Social Media Strategy which will increase the blog’s footprint to at least 50 000 people. I know it seems a bit ambitious for a small blogger with little to no following, but I know nothing is impossible should it be purposed by God.


Monkey #3 – Start making money with this blog

Not to make everything about money. Yes, this might sound uphauling to some, but even though this blog it is meant to be a creative and spiritual release, a space to inspire others to embrace the word of God and to provide insights into lessons learnt thus far in life. It is also purposed to provide a form of financial release in time. Most bloggers out there are using it as a platform to increase their capital in cunning ways, in hopes that it would provide a livelihood. I have always supported these blogs, as I know how much hard work, time and effort is put into writing every post. If you have an opportunity to help others realise their dreams, then why not? Even more it usually at no additional cost to the reader. I ask again… Why not?

Monkey #4 – Learn a new language

Spanish or French? They say French is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world to learn. Is this true? It is such an eloquent language. However, Spanish is a language that I have always longed to learn. One of my friends used to teach me simple Spanish words, however, for this challenge, I will be enrolling in a Spanish course online and perhaps my Spanish will be immaculate before my trip to Spain (which will be a belated birthday gift to myself).

Learn French

Monkey #5 – Start painting

As you know perhaps by now, I love expressing my creativity in various ways. The writing work has been a preference since I can remember. However, I would love to be able to paint the art pieces for my new place in Johannesburg. It would serve as a creative outlet, a time filler and as an attempt at providing expressive décor for my home. I was thinking about using existing art pieces as my inspiration.

Monkey #6 – Run a half-marathon

I am probably going to try to talk myself out of this one (and number 8). You will see me try to wiggle myself out of doing and preparing for the half-marathon. Preparations for the half-marathon will have to start months in advance, if I am to run 21 kilometers in one go. I am probably going to have to remind myself of this monkey every now and again (as well as number 8). The eventual goal is to be able to run the Comrades in Durban before the age of 30.


Monkey #7 – Finish my Honors modules and all research items

I am currently busy with my honors and as my one colleague and I discussed: It is extremely easy to fall into and out of a routine when it comes to studying. Everything can be planned out to the T, but life tends to happen. This throws all planning out of the window. So, my monkey for the seventh month will be to get all of the honors things up to a point where I can comfortably meet all of the deadlines and do provide favorable results.

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Monkey #8 – Do my first triathlon

Swim, run, cycle. I love swimming, it is a sport I have been engaging in since January and luckily the place I am moving into also has a swimming pool (I just don’t have any idea how big the swimming pool is, hopefully I will find out soon). Running has always been second nature to me, however, disciplined running… That is another story entirely. Don’t even get me on cycling. Why do it? Do you wonder? Because I have an eventual goal of doing an iron man. But as a start, I would like to do a Tin Man to start gaining experience. What it a better place to start?


Monkey #9 – Publish a book

Okay, I know Aurora Part 2 is due and Part 3 should be uploaded on Friday, but there is another aim, another story in my mind as well. One I would love to publish as an e-book. This last 30-day challenge will be centered around finishing this prospective book.

I hope you will follow along with the progress on my 9 monkeys. These are my 9 goals I aim to achieve before the end of 2020. Hopefully by the end of this year, I will be healthier, have more financial stability and perhaps be closer to being in the relationship with the man God has put on this earth for me (I get to have a mushy moment every now and again). That would be my tenth monkey. Until next time.

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